Electric chain hoist household hoist crane 1t 2t 3t 5t 380v 220v

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The electric chain hoist adopts g80 manganese steel chain, which is thicker, stronger and more powerful. Manganese steel hook, disc motor, alloy steel shell. Copper core motor has good heat dissipation effect and durability. It has the function of power-off braking. It is more reliable with leakage protection. Small size, sufficient horsepower, rapid braking, stable performance and long service life. Two over sprockets for smooth operation.

Lifting weight: 1ton 2tons 3tons 5tons 10tons 20tons

Wire rope length:3m,6m,9m,12m


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    "Electric chain hoist", also known as electric chain hoist, is a light and small lifting equipment. The electric chain hoist is composed of motor, transmission mechanism and sprocket. All electric chain hoists are produced according to international standards. The body is beautiful, strong and durable. All internal gears are quenched at high temperature, which increases the wear resistance and toughness of gears. The most advanced international technology is adopted, with fine workmanship and tight fit between gears. It has a wide range of application and is very convenient for lifting heavy objects, loading and unloading work, maintenance equipment and lifting goods. It can also be installed on suspended I-beam, curved track, swing arm crane guide rail and fixed lifting points to lift heavy objects.


    1. Advanced performance and structure,
    2. Small size,
    3. Light weight,
    4. Reliable performance,
    5. Easy to operate,
    6. Wide scope of application.


    Model Rated
    Lifting height Voltage
    1T 1ton 2.25m/min 3-12m 220V/380V
    2T 2tons 1.85m/min 3-12m 220V/380V
    3T 3tons 1.1m/min 3-12m 220V/380V
    5T 5tons 0.9m/min 3-12m 220V/380V
    10T 10tons 0.45m/min 6-12m 220V/380V



    The weight of the electric chain hoist is generally 0.1 ~ 60 tons and the lifting height is 3 ~ 120 meters. The electric chain hoist has the following characteristics: advanced performance and structure, small volume, light weight, reliable performance, convenient operation and wide application range. It is very convenient for lifting heavy objects, loading and unloading, maintenance equipment and lifting goods. It can also be installed on suspended I-beam, curved track Lift heavy objects on the guide rail and fixed lifting point of the jib crane.

    Structural features of electric chain hoist: the product structure of electric hoist, the body adopts high-strength tensile shell or die-casting aluminum shell, and is precision manufactured by thin-wall extrusion process, with small volume, light weight and high strength. The standard electric chain hoist has an independent gearbox system, sealed the two-stage coaxial transmission gear mechanism in the gearbox, and adopts a long-life oil bath lubrication system. Electric chain hoist powder metallurgy clutch is used as overload protection device. Disc DC electromagnetic field braking is adopted for braking, with large braking torque, stability, speed and low noise.


    1. What about the payment term&price term?

    As usual, we accept T/T, credit card, LC, Western Union as the payment term, and the price term, FOB&CIF&CFR&DDP etc are ok.

    2. What's the delivery time?

    Usually, we will delivery the goods within 5-18 working days, but this is aim at 1-10pcs products, if you give more quantity, it just depends.

    3. Are we a manufacturer&factory or trading Company?

    Hebei Jinteng Hoisting Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd is a manufacturer in Hebei, China, we have specialized in crane&hoist over 20 years, our high quality products are welcomed in many countries.

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