Lifting Equipment FAQ

What is lifting equipment?

Lifting tool is a material handling tool for lifting, a tool for intermittent work and lifting heavy objects. Most lifting tools start a vertical or vertical and horizontal work stroke after the spreader takes the material. After reaching the destination, they are unloaded, and then travel to the reclaiming location with an empty stroke to complete a work cycle, and then carry out the second hoisting.

How often does lifting equipment need to be inspected ?

chain hoist, clampt, hooks one year to inspect
motor six months to inspect
wire rope, chains, belt one month to inspect

Where to buy lifting equipment ?

If you're located in Western Australia, pls into one of our stores to shop in China our range of weight training equipment. Our staff can help answer any questions.

Why is there a shortage of weight lifting equipment?

According to GQ, the initial shortage was the result of an onslaught of demand from folks who couldn't visit their local gyms anymore — and the fact that there just aren't enough foundries (both in the U.S. and overseas) to pump out all that iron (which is what most kettlebells are made of).

When does lifting equipment develop ?

In the middle and late 18th century, British Watt improved and invented the steam engine, which provided power conditions for cranes. In 1805, Glenn engineer Lenney built the first batch of steam overweight engines for the London Dockyard. In 1846, the British Armstrong changed a steam overweight engine at the Newcastle Dockyard into a hydraulic crane.
In the early 20th century, Europe began to use tower cranes,

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