Power Tools FAQ

What is advantage of power tools ?

Electric tools have the advantages of convenient portability, simple operation, and diverse functions. They can greatly reduce labor intensity, improve work efficiency, and realize manual operation mechanization. Therefore, they are widely used in construction, housing decoration, automobiles, machinery, electricity, bridges, gardening and other fields. , And enter the family in large numbers.

Which is the most obvious features of poer tools?

The power tool is characterized by its lightweight structure. Small size, light weight, low vibration, low noise, easy to control and operate, easy to carry and use. Compared with manual tools, it can increase labor productivity by several to ten times; it is more efficient than pneumatic tools, has low cost and is easy to control.

What is categories of power tools in industrial ?

Power tools are mainly divided into metal cutting power tools, grinding power tools, assembly power tools and railway power tools. Common power tools include electric drills, electric grinders, electric wrenches and electric screwdrivers, electric hammers and impact drills, concrete vibrators, and electric planers.

How to store and deliver power tools ?

Electric tools and equipment must be packed before transportation. Electric tools and equipment must be packed before transportation. When storing, cut off the power supply, keep away from fire and heat sources, and prevent moisture, pollution and extrusion.

Who could inspect power tools?

Internationally, many countries have established certification systems and established certification marks.
my country established the "China Electrotechnical Product Certification Committee" in 1985, approved the establishment of the "China Electrotechnical Product Certification Committee Power Tool Certification Test Station" in October 1985, and promulgated the "Power Tool Certification Rules".
3C certification and Great Wall logo, etc.

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