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It has the steering control function of the whole machine, and the interface is rich. Simple appearance, complex shape, easy installation of electric tools, light use, and high cost performance.

Our factory can make OEM as your requirement, just tell us your needs (loading weight, lifting height), waiting for you

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    In order to facilitate the use of the production process of the hoist, read the instructions before use and keep in mind the operating procedures to avoid potential accidents. You can try hoisting during the first use to ensure the stability of the hoisting safety factor.

    When lifting a small hydraulic crane with a hoist, it should be carried out from both sides of the wheels of the small hydraulic crane, and the ground clearance should not be greater than the required height, so that the crane is within the scope of its functions.

    Steel pipe cranes are used for lifting and handling large objects of container bridges, referred to as large objects. It has the characteristics of simple structure, reliable work and quick construction. Before carrying out container lifting of large objects, the objects shall be inspected and tested. Steel pipe cranes are used for heavy loaders in major workplaces. Normally, they mainly include concrete supports with low bearing devices, large-diameter steel pipes, and winches.

    The working principle and main composition of the super-lifting device for small cranes. The working principle of the super-lifting device for mobile cranes. It mainly improves the lifting performance of the boom by improving the force state of the boom. It is generally welded by steel plates. Compared with the truss arm, its self-weight and rigidity are low. Especially when the boom is hoisted under long working conditions, it is in the luffing plane due to the influence of heavy objects, heavy objects yaw, and wind loads. And the plane of rotation will produce a lot of deformation, which will produce a lot of additional bending moment.


    Various components (components) of cranes: bridge components, motorcycles and other aircraft components; motor vehicles, motor vehicle driver components, ploughshares and other equipment components (connectors, fittings, etc.); personnel organization; lifting machinery and Organization of surrounding construction. However, the various machinery and lifting equipment used can only be confirmed before hoisting, otherwise the machinery will fail until it is dismantled; during the hoisting process, the machinery will vibrate and interfere and cause the hoisting equipment to fail. Therefore, the machinery with special requirements must be verified before installation, and the spreader that has passed the test can be used on duty.


    Model Lifting weight  Rated voltage  Rope dia  Rope Length The appearance size of the crane can be customized
    2 ton 600-2000kg 380V 11mm 30-100m
    3 ton 1000-3000kg 380v 13mm 30-100m
    We have many customized cranes, as shown in the figure below. Please consult the customer service personnel for details.



    Used in mold manufacturing companies, mines, auto repair shops, construction sites, logistics companies, machining manufacturing companies, warehouses and other occasions that require hoisting, such as the lifting, repair, installation, handling, and debugging of heavy equipment and material transportation equipment. Workshop equipment, hoisting large engine parts in the car workshop.

    For example, in industrial plants and residential houses with high fire hazards using cranes, in addition to open flames, automatic fire extinguishing systems are generally installed. The cranes in these places have simple operation, convenient maintenance, low maintenance costs, convenient maintenance, and fire protection requirements. Higher characteristics.


    1. What about the payment term&price term?

    As usual, we accept T/T, credit card, LC, Western Union as the payment term, and the price term, FOB&CIF&CFR&DDP etc are ok.

    2. What's the delivery time?

    Usually, we will delivery the goods within 5-18 working days, but this is aim at 1-10pcs products, if you give more quantity, it just depends.

    3. Are we a manufacturer&factory or trading Company?

    Hebei Jinteng Hoisting Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd is a manufacturer in Hebei, China, we have specialized in crane&hoist over 20 years, our high quality products are welcomed in many countries.

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