Where should the indoor high-altitude glass window lifting machine be placed for lifting?


Indoor high-altitude glass window hanging machine is when the building is covered to a certain extent and needs to be installed with glass. It is not very realistic to move a large piece of glass up, so a special tool is needed to lift the large glass and lift it.

There is a hoist specially designed to lift large glass in the tool, which is called window hoisting machine. The base of the window hoisting machine has wheels. Where should it be hoisted after being transported?

When we transport the window lifter to the top of the building, put it in a suitable position to prevent the window lifter from rolling over. The window lifter has a very long boom with a length of 1.98 meters.

We only need to extend the boom by 50cm when using it. It can be left and right, lower the 120-meter steel wire rope, and fix the large glass with a sling. After the wire rope is in the end, the hook is constructed as a sling for lifting.

We place the window hoisting machine on the edge of the balcony where no guardrail net is installed, and then operate and hoist it.

Post time: Apr-15-2022