What is manual lifting crane


The most common mini cranes are mostly motor, main frame and wire rope. This hoist is an electric hoist. In addition to the electric winch hoist, there is also a small hoist that is not widely used the hand crane hoist.

The difference between the shape and structure of the hand cranked hoist and the wire rope hoist is not very big. The biggest difference is that the driving device of the manual lifting crane is a hand-cranked winch. The manual lifting crane replaces the motor and the power output is changed to manpower. Compared with the electric material Lifting crane, it is obviously lagging behind, but the hand-cranked small crane still has its market, is it strange?

In fact, it is not surprising that the manual lifting crane is not useless. It has its advantages in many occasions.

First of all, the operation without electricity is a big advantage, which is similar to the chain block hoist. Not all operating environments have power supply, and the advantages of hand crane hoists in a power-free environment are shown.

Even in an electric environment, the hand-cranked crane is not unusable. As long as it is hoisted within the rated load, the special structure of the Self-locking hand winch can save labor to the greatest extent, and the operator will not feel very It also has the advantage that there is no need to worry about power outages during the operation, and the rainy weather is not fatal to it. On the contrary, the electric small crane that belongs to the electromechanical integrated equipment encounters rainy days. Once the power is not unplugged, it will suffer damage is fatal.

Therefore, the manual lifting crane, which is not widely used, is far from withdrawing from the market, and it always shines where it is needed.

Post time: May-16-2022