What is kind of electric winch in jinteng hoisting company


At this time, we would love to enclose a powerful engineered realistic beast from fab brand Warn. Supporting a heavy-weighted pulling capacity, so why spend your worth bucks on other brands, right? That is why we choose this electric DC winch; however, the power source can limit your portability.

Draw with a lower AMP is its first consideration for appreciation in this class. The second counterpart is its planetary gear train. Effective for an under-pressure faster-pulling speed. For instant relocating lower profile installation, auto-control is possible by including control packs. As well as 2-in-1 options, the remote control allows both wired and wireless movements.  

All the counterparts are IP68-rated waterproof, which is beyond imagination at such a tagged price. Though a large cast-aluminum tie plate under the bottom holds higher base mounting.


How about the waterproof feature of each winch part, for instance, plug and circuit breaker? With this feature, not only does the winch protect itself, but removes sparking possibilities while pulling out a 4000 pounds boat also. In case of an emergency, a manual hand crank is ready. Else, two attached with its remote control, are convenient for nighttime winching.

Anyways, it features a free spool clutch. Either you have to do rolling in old-fashioned ways. Handheld toggle switch for stop, reverse and forward winch by the case hardened gears. What else? Features a common rapid mount bracket. Either for trailing hitch balls or safer distance operations from the hillside.  


Aiming for both front and rear rigging hooks integrated portable drill-powered winch? Nothing can beat this one from Warn. As long as you continue with this winch, you will need a drill power.

It has both facing rigging hooks for extracting and placing objects at its perfect place, for instance, pulling an i-beam and placing it for further welding. You can even enjoy it in a wide range, from lifting a rolling machine onto a trailer to moving nursing stocks by making double pulling power. Like us, connect your drill winch with a 1300 pounds weighing power generator.

However, it might have led us to the hard-to-handle winching jobs. But it’s free spool clutch let not, even assist for easy hookup. Else, an automatic load limiter for having convenient performances. 

Post time: May-19-2022