What is hazardous factors and control measures in the operation of electric hoist


What hazards are prone to occur during the operation of the wire rope hoist? How to control it?

The following are the relevant factors and control measures that we have compiled for you:

a. After the wire rope on the lifting winch drum is exhausted, the wire rope falls off and the heavy object hurts people

b. The use of an electric chain hoist with brake failure causes an accident

c. Accidents caused by the use of electric winch hoists with a malfunction of the rising limiter

d. The opening of the hook of the electric deer hoist exceeds the standard, causing the heavy object to slip off and hurt people

e. Overloaded use of electric winch causes steel rope to break and hurt people

f. The use of broken wire or broken strand wire rope leads to heavy objects and wire rope injury accidents

g. Accidents caused by the use of defective electrical controllers

h. The slanted hoisting causes the heavy object to hit the personnel

i. When starting the electric wire rope hoist, the hand is squeezed between the rope and the object


Control measures:

a. Before use, perform repeated lifting and left-right movement tests with the rated load weight, and check the mechanical transmission part after the test.

Whether the electrical part and the connection part are normal and reliable, it is forbidden to press two flashlights at the same time to make the electric rope hoist move in the opposite direction door button.

b. When lifting heavy objects, it is strictly forbidden to exhaust the steel rope on the electric winch drum, and at least 3 turns of the steel rope should be left.

C. When lifting heavy objects, check whether the brakes of the electric wire hoist are sensitive, lift the heavy objects to a height of 100mm, stand still for a few minutes, and check whether they are normal.

d. Before use, check whether the rising limit of the motorized hoist is sensitive. If it does not move, it is strictly forbidden to use it, and it is strictly forbidden to use the electric hoist without a rising limiter.

e. Before the three phases hoist is used, the appearance of the hook of the equipment should be checked. There should be no cracks, defects should not be repaired, and the threaded part, dangerous section and neck should not have plastic deformation, the opening should not exceed 10% of the original size, and the distortion should not exceed 10%.

f. Electric chain hoist is strictly prohibited to be overloaded and lifted

g. Wire ropes with broken strands are strictly prohibited to use. When it is found that the broken wire within a lay length >= 10%, or there is physical deformation such as severe corrosion, twisting, knotting, flattening, etc., the steel wire rope should be replaced in time. According to the surface condition of the wire rope, apply wire rope oil in time.

h. It is strictly forbidden to use the powered hoist to lift heavy objects diagonally.

J. When hoisting, the hand should not be held between the rope and the object, and the hoisting object should be strictly prevented from colliding when it rises.

Post time: May-11-2022