What is a spring balabcer?


Spring balancer is an auxiliary tool for hanging heavy production operation equipment. It is used by people who perform continuous, repetitive work on the production line to hang, collect, carry and remove tools. It is easy to operate pneumatic, electrical and hydraulic tools; with a safety device to prevent the hanging object from falling and a device that can manually lock the hanging object.



1. The spring balancer has no electrical or pneumatic hazards and is safe and reliable to use.

2. The spring balancer saves factory space and reduces production costs.

3. Spring balancer can prevent tool damage.

4. Reduce the fatigue of staff and increase work efficiency.


Scope of use

It is used for automobile molds, parts welding, assembly lines and various fixed positions where the workload is relatively concentrated, the operating tools are relatively cumbersome, and the use of tools lasts for a long time. No matter in the occasion of assembly production line or fixed station work, it can be used in all occasions where hand tools and lifting equipment are used, and it can also be used as an auxiliary tool for lifting tools to achieve the purpose of reducing labor intensity. The product uses the energy accumulated by the coil spring to make the suspended operating tool in a weightless state. The labor intensity of the operation work is greatly reduced, and the labor production efficiency is improved.

Post time: Aug-04-2022