What factors need to be considered when choosing the electric hoist?



The main purpose of the reasonable selection of the wire rope hoist is to make the selected lifting winch technically feasible and economically reasonable, mainly considering the following factors:

1, Speed selection.

For construction and installation projects, due to the short lifting distance and high accuracy requirements, a slow-speed electric hoist should generally be selected; for long-distance lifting (such as high-rise building construction) or projects for pulling objects, in order to improve productivity and reduce power consumption , it is best to use a fast winch.

2, Power selection.

The selection can be made by referring to the contents of the oil tank of the motor. Due to the safe and reliable operation of electric machinery, low operating costs, and remote control, electric winches should be used as far as possible wherever there is power supply; if there is no power supply, primary Electric Cable Hoists or internal combustion winches can be selected according to the situation.

3, Selection of the number of cylinders.

Generally, single-cylinder hoists are mostly used in construction, which is simple in structure, easy to operate and move; if the bucket truck is towed back and forth on double-track tracks, double-cylinder hoists should be used to save investment (in the case of the same specification and capacity, a double-cylinder hoist should be used. A drum winch is cheaper than two single winches), simplifying installation work, reducing operators and increasing productivity.

4, Transmission form selection.

The electric hoist driven by planetary and planetary cycloid reducer has a small body, compact structure, light weight, flexible operation, easy operation, and is very suitable for construction.

5, Consider explosion-proof issues.

There are two types of dispatch winches: explosion-proof and non-explosion-proof. When there is a danger of gas explosion in the working environment, an explosion-proof dispatch winch should be used to ensure safety; if the working environment is good, a general non-explosion-proof winch can be used. The price of non-explosion-proof winches is relatively cheap, the motor cooling conditions are better, the output power is larger, and it is more cost-effective to use.

Post time: May-06-2022