What determines the degree of shaking when using a cargo trolley?


The small trolley is a special equipment for moving heavy objects. Because of its low height, there are no fences or accessories to fix the heavy objects. It needs human hands to push the heavy objects to move. Under normal circumstances, there will be slight shaking during the lifting process, which has no effect on the movement, but some factors will increase the degree of shaking, which is dangerous at this time.


1. Inertia, which generally occurs when it is just pushed and stopped, the probability and magnitude of shaking will occur due to the increase in inertia.

2. Moving speed, the device needs to run at a lower speed when moving. When two devices with the same rated load move the same object, the faster device shakes significantly more than the slower device. , which is more obvious under the influence of the external environment, such as wind.


3. The state of the heavy objects, that is, the same rated load and the same moving speed, the higher the accumulation of heavy objects, the greater the shaking rate.

4. Weight, when the weight of the moving object of the same device is different, the shaking produced is also different. But as long as it is not overloaded, it can be used normally.

Post time: Sep-20-2022