What are the precautions for using machinery moving skates (1)


Please read the following instructions carefully when using heavy duty machinery skates:

A moving roller is a tool used for moving heavy objects. Please read this manual before use, it is especially important to complete the handling tasks safely and smoothly and prolong the service life of the handling tool cart.

1 Load requirements:

Due to the uneven road surface and some unpredictable reasons, the wheels of each tank may not all participate in the work, so it is recommended that you put enough excess force when using the tank.

The model is generally used according to 50% of the maximum load capacity. This method can at least double the service life of the diy machine skates.

2 Road requirements:

The road surface is uneven, which greatly affects the service life of ordinary tanks. It will cause the truck to not move forward or the wheels to be damaged. When working on rough roads, we have special handling shifting skates suitable for rough roads.

3 Handling speed requirements:

When using a truck, drive at a low speed. Traveling fast is too late to deal with a potentially dangerous situation (such as a case where a truck slips out) and can be dangerous to the heavy objects and people being moved.

4 Steering requirements:

When the load is much lower than the rated load of the tank, the steering of the tank is good; when the load is heavy, the steering of the tank is not good. The weight of the load is not easy to quantify. As long as the operator feels that the steering is difficult, he should pay attention not to force the steering.

5 Wheels and Bearings:

Forced steering under heavy load may cause the PU rubber of the PU wheel to wear out or the wheel and bearing to be damaged. Under heavy loads, lifting tools such as claw jacks can be used to lift the weight and turn the tank.

6 Pull rod operation requirements:

The pull rod may be bent and deformed when turning forcibly. The lightness of the pull rod is mainly designed to protect the tank wheel. When the pull rod is still, the friction pressure of the turning tank wheel is very large, which is easy to damage the truck; please exercise Turn slowly in the middle, so it is very light.

Post time: Jun-22-2022