Daily maintenance management of crane

1.Daily inspection. The driver is responsible for the routine maintenance items of the operation, mainly including cleaning, lubrication of transmission parts, adjustment and fastening. Test the sensitivity and reliability of the safety device through operation, and monitor whether there is abnormal sound during operation.

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2.Weekly inspection. It is jointly carried out by the maintenance worker and the driver. In addition to the daily inspection items, the main contents are appearance inspection, inspection of the safety status of the hook, retrieval device, steel wire rope, sensitivity and reliability of the brake, clutch and emergency alarm device, and observation of whether the transmission parts have abnormal sound and overheating through operation.

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Electric gantry crane

3.Monthly inspection. The inspection shall be organized by the equipment safety management department and carried out jointly with relevant personnel of the user department. In addition to the weekly inspection, it mainly carries out state detection on the power system, lifting mechanism, slewing mechanism, operating mechanism and hydraulic system of the lifting machinery, replace worn, deformed, cracked and corroded parts, and check the power feeding device, controller, overload protection Whether the safety protection device is reliable. Check the fault symptoms caused by leakage, pressure, temperature, vibration, noise and other reasons of lifting machinery through test operation. Through observation, the structure, support and transmission parts of the crane shall be subjectively tested, the technical status of the whole crane shall be understood and mastered, and the fault source of abnormal phenomena shall be checked and determined.

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4.Annual inspection. The leader of the unit shall organize the equipment safety management department to take the lead and carry out joint inspection with relevant departments. In addition to the monthly inspection items, it mainly carries out technical parameter detection and reliability test on the hoisting machinery. Through the detection instrument, it can detect the wear of the moving parts of the hoisting machinery and working mechanisms, the welds of metal structures, and pass the test of safety devices and components, Evaluate the operation and technical status of hoisting equipment. Arrange overhaul, transformation and renewal plan.

Of course, these are the most basic common sense that crane masters must master. The use and maintenance of heavy lifting equipment is very important. In order to avoid some unnecessary accidents, Jinteng crane recommends to use the mechanism of heavy lifting equipment, which must be subject to daily maintenance and inspection. Of course, the progress of the project is important, and the safety of life and property is more important.


Post time: Oct-30-2021