How to choose right lifting equipment in China

Overview: Lifting equipment refers to any equipment which is used to lift heavy loads. Choosing the right rigging and lifting equipment ensures that your workplace is safe and secure.

1, It is important, when looking at types of lifting equipment, to be confident that you are able to properly handle the lifting task that you have.

Types of lifting equipment:

Chain slings and fittings

Outdoor / indoor crane truck crane  

Wire rope and wire rope slings

General lifting chain blocks


Webbing and round slings

Spring balancers

Cargo trolley roller skates

2, The lifting equipment must be strong, durable and suitable for proposed use. Similarly the load and anything attached to it must be suitable and of adequate strength.

3, Lifting equipment, including accessories, must be visibly marked with appropriate information to be taken into account for its use.

4, Lifting tasks must be planned, supervised and carried out in a safe manner by people who are competent to do so.

5, If the lifting equipment is to be used for the very first time then it must be thoroughly examined by a competent person after installation but prior to being put into service.

6, It is advisable to use equipment which can handle more weight than you are applying as this will avoid any damage when unintentional weights are added.


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