What troubles may be encountered during the use of material Lifting cranes


The working principle and structure of Building material lift machines are basically not much different from those of construction lift machines. The biggest difference between them is that indoor construction material lifting machines are more likely to perform multi-floor operations, so the length of the wire rope should be longer. . The monkey crane basically does not involve high altitude, so it is enough to use a conventional wire rope of several meters long.

Many people think that electric cranes are mostly used for high-altitude operations, and their safety hazards are much higher than that of outdoor hoist cranes. In fact, this is not entirely the case. The use of outdoor mini hoist cranes cannot guarantee absolute safety. Compared with lifting hoist cranes, there is an obvious disadvantage, that is, environmental problems.

External factors are a major factor affecting the normal performance of the lifting gear crane. There are many external factors affecting the outdoor lift crane, but the most prominent are these three points.

First of all, there is no electricity environment. You must know that electricity is the main source of kinetic energy for chain lift cranes. Without electricity, outdoor portable hoist cranes can only be lifted by shaking the winch.

Then there is the pit or slope of the road surface. The problem caused by the uneven road surface is that the base of the lifting device crane cannot be smoothly attached to the ground, and it is easy to dump under the weight of heavy objects during the lifting process.

Finally, there are abnormal weather such as wind and snow, thunderstorm, sand and dust, which will have a huge impact on the operator, the small crane or the actual operation process, and even huge losses.

Therefore, outdoor hoist lift cranes are not safe, and we should be cautious to prevent these accidents during use.

Post time: May-20-2022