What is the Noise of lifting equipment and how to protect hearing?


Industry bodies, specifically in the following sectors energy, extraction, manufacturing and construction along with clients have formed a Noise and Vibration Partnership Group. This industry led group will work together, long term, to increase awareness of the risks associated with noise and vibration in the workplace and promote effective management and control.



to reduce the incidence of noise induced hearing loss and hand-arm vibration syndrome in workers by further raising awareness, using pictoral images ie posters, calendar and a brochure, of the risks of exposure to noise and vibration in the workplace

to improve workers’ knowledge concerning exposure to noise and vibration in the workplace

to share, promote and encourage good control practices in the workplace

ultimately to bring about a change in attitudes and behaviours to workplace noise and vibration


Hearing protection

Where there remains a risk, issue your employees with hearing protection

Make use mandatory for the high-risk cases and manage use with hearing protection zones

Remember – hearing protection is not an alternative to noise control

Employees: use hearing protection where its use is mandatory

Provide health surveillance (including hearing checks) for those at risk

Use the results to review controls and further protect individuals

Employees: co-operate and attend hearing checks

Post time: Jun-21-2022