What is the difference between electric chain hoists and electric wire rope hoists?


1. Type Hoist

Electric Chain Hoist -Lift a load by pulling the chain through sprockets and moving the chain into a chain container. The chair links are linked together by mechanical means to make it a continuous length. Electric Wire Rope Hoist -Lift a load by pulling the wire rope through sheaves and is wrapped around a grooved drum.Wire Ropes are a continual length.

2. Lifting Technique

Electric Chain Hoist-Chain hoist provide a true vertical lift which means they raise the material straight up with no lateral movement. This generally not required used for precise lifts.

Electric Wire Rope Hoist -Wire rope hoists use a cable to lift the load which is wrapped around a grooved drum that causes

the cable and load to move laterally and do not give a precise or accurate lift.Although the lateral movement is negligible in most cases and a wire rope hoist can be provided with true vertical lift a chain hoist will be more cost effective.

3. Capacity

Electric Chain Hoist -If the applications require only loads of 3 ton or less to be lifted a chain hoist would be the most cost

effective. Or if precision is required over speed a chain hoist is for you.

Electric Wire Rope Hoist -Generally used is heavily used applications where loads are 5 ton and greater.Wire rope hoists are the optimal choice for heavy lifting in the market.


4. Speed

Electric Chain Hoist -Chain hoists typically lift a load at a slower speed in comparison to wire rope hoist, but you get the work

done with precision which could help get a task done quicker than having speed.

Electric Wire Rope Hoist-Wire rope hoist typically lift the load much faster than chain hoist. if you need a lot of material moved quickly with little or no precision then a wire rope hoist will do the job.


5. Price

Electric Chain Hoist-Electric chain hoist is the most common and economical solution if you don’t have that much of a budget and want to lift weight below 3 tons.Typically, they require less maintenance which means lower maintenance costs.

Electric Wire Rope Hoist -Wire rope hoist can cost you more but if the application requires you to lift heavy material with a fast pace a wire rope hoist is your best option.

Post time: Aug-01-2022