How to select the correct electric hoist for your industry?

Speed >and Voltage

We must determine the speed at which we would like to elevate the items.Contemporary hoist chain speeds can vary from 2 or 3 to 16>and 32 feet per minute.But devices like Accolift electric chain hoist or other modern ones can offer momentum around 100 feet per minute. Besides. multiple factors also affect this device when it comes to the matter of speed. The

purpose to use it, fragility, etc. Is there sufficient space around the pickup point to securely operate the device at the aspired pace? All these determining factors play a huge role when selecting a hoist chain.

Apart from the above factors. you also have to decide the voltage as per your preference. A hoist chain offers two options – 24 volts >and 115 volts.So,which one is best?According to the specialists,24 volts is the perfect choice for protection >and performance.


The most necessary factor when selecting an electric hoist chain isits lifting capability.So. what is the right way to find out the best option? Well. you have to subtract the item’s pickup point from its hanging location. Below we have explained it in simple words.

Suppose the height of the pickup point is 45 feet>and the hanging location is 22 feet

So,the difference is 45-22=23 feet.

Therefore, you will need a 23 feet hoist chain.But to dodge any further complications,always order a 1-foot extra chain.

Pendant control

The pendant control or popularly known as the push-button stop is one of the most significant things in the lifting business, it is a h>and control device that operates all its functions. The cable length matters a lot when it comes to how far it lets you operate the device. You will find a push-button stop that is equal to 4 feet less than the lifting device.

Suppose you have 24 feet of lift.>and the push-button is 21 feet below the hoist chain. So. you will get 3 feet above the ground in this application.


Hence. keep the above factors in mind >and settle on any best Accolift 3-ton electric chain hoist. You can pick the best device with little diligence.If you have any doubt.take help from an expert while choosing.

Post time: Aug-02-2022