How to exhaust the air after changing the hydraulic oil of engine crane?


Any engine hoist crane needs to empty the air before adding new hydraulic oil.

The cherry picker crane we use also needs to empty the air before replacing the hydraulic oil.

It can’t get up, so we must drain the air inside before adding hydraulic oil.

1: First clean the hydraulic oil inside, and then add new hydraulic oil after cleaning.

2: Remove the circuit header inside, restart the hydraulic system, and let the oil pump work.

3: Drain the old oil in it little by little until there is no old oil left.

4: After pressing it several times, all the air inside will be exhausted, and it can be installed after all the exhaust.

5: After all the disassembled parts are installed, the engine crane can be put back into work.

Post time: Apr-29-2022