How to distinguish the quality of permanent magnet lifter

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Users of permanent magnet lifters can consider from the following aspects:

1. Safety factor:

At present, the safety factors of permanent magnet jacks on the market are roughly 2.0, 2.5, 3.0, and 3.5. The safety factor, in simple terms, means that the maximum pull-off force of the jack is several times the rated lifting capacity. For example, a 600kg permanent magnet jack has a rated lifting capacity of 600KG. If the safety factor is 2.5 times, the maximum pull-off force is 1500KG. If the safety factor is 3.5 times, the maximum pull-off force is 2100KG. The larger the safety factor, the safer it is to use. This is the primary concern when choosing permanent magnet jacks. The safety factor of the permanent magnet jacks produced is more than 3.5 times, and some even reach 4.0 times.


2. Safety locking device:

The safety locking device is a safety device used to protect the magnetic circuit from being easily disconnected when the permanent magnet lifter and the object to be attracted are attracted to form a magnetic circuit. The rationality of its structure is also evident for the safe use of permanent magnet jacks. If the design of this device is unreasonable, if it loses its function during the hoisting process, the sucked object will be hoisted, causing a safety accident.

For this reason, Longhai Lifting Tools fully considers the importance of this component when designing the safety locking device of the permanent magnet lifter, integrates the current popular models at home and abroad, and adopts a distinctive structure.


3. Internal magnetic circuit structure:

The principle of the permanent magnet jacks produced by all manufacturers is the same, but there are differences in the magnetic circuit design. If the magnetic circuit structure is unreasonable, first, the pull-off force may not be guaranteed, and second, the function of the permanent magnet cannot be fully exerted, which may cause waste and increase the cost.

Longhai lifting tools have rich experience in magnetic circuit design. The magnetic circuit structure of the permanent magnet jacks designed by them is unique, which maximizes the role of permanent magnets and effectively guarantees the suction force of the jacks.


4. The flexibility of spindle rotation:

Whether the spindle rotation is flexible or not is directly related to the comfort of operation. If the spindle does not rotate flexibly, it will feel very difficult to rotate the handle. Over time, the operator may operate savagely, resulting in a short service life of the permanent magnet jack and unnecessary waste to the enterprise. Many improvements have also been made in this regard to ensure the flexibility of the spindle rotation.

Post time: Jun-17-2022