How to distinguish the quality of permanent magnet jacks [2]

Users of permanent magnet lifters can consider from the following aspects:

1. Protection of the spindle hole:

Permanent magnet jacks are generally used in machining places, and there are many iron filings and dust around. Therefore, after most permanent magnet jacks have been used for a period of time, the main shaft will not rotate or even get stuck. The reason is that the spindle hole sucks in a lot of iron filings and dust, and the spindle is stuck. For this reason, Longhai hoisting tools have made special improvements in this regard, adopting a special structure to ensure that iron filings and dust do not enter the main shaft hole, and ensure the cleanliness of the main shaft and the main shaft hole.

2. Handling of suction surface:

The suction surface of the permanent magnet jack must be finely ground to ensure its smoothness, so that when the permanent magnet jack is hoisted, it can attract the object to be sucked to the greatest extent, reduce the air gap, and ensure the maximum lifting capacity. Before leaving the factory, the permanent magnet jacks produced have undergone two fine grinding bottom surfaces and coated with butter to ensure that they do not rust.

3. Rings:

Most of the lifting rings used by permanent magnet lifters are welded, and the safety factor of course meets the requirements of lifting equipment. However, after using the welding product for a long time, it will inevitably encounter some problems, which may be a safety hazard. Longhai hoisting tools take this into consideration and use integral wire-cut or precision casting rings to minimize the potential safety hazards on the rings.

4. The use of permanent magnets:

The use of permanent magnets mainly considers two aspects: one is performance. If the performance does not meet the requirements, the suction force cannot be guaranteed; the other is surface corrosion resistance. One of the biggest weaknesses of rare earth permanent magnets is poor corrosion resistance, so surface treatment must be done. . In order to reduce costs, some companies use permanent magnets without surface treatment. After a long time, the surface of the magnet will oxidize and rust, so that the lifting capacity of the permanent magnet jack will decrease, and the magnetic steel in the main shaft will oxidize and fall off. , which may cause the spindle to be stuck. The performance of the magnets used in the permanent magnet jacks are all above N40, the surface is galvanized or nickel, and the salt spray test is carried out in strict accordance with the surface treatment requirements of the permanent magnet material.

5. Appearance of permanent magnet jack:

The appearance has no effect on the use of permanent magnet jacks, but it can reflect the importance a company attaches to product quality. In the production process of permanent magnet jacks, Longhai lifting tools are produced in strict accordance with the drawings to ensure the dimensions and tolerances. At the same time, each process has requirements on the appearance of the parts, so the product is assembled well, even if the surface is not painted , is also a beautiful product. Of course, the surfaces of all permanent magnet jacks are painted according to customer requirements before they leave the factory. The appearance of paint should also be considered, and there should be no sagging, chromatic aberration, pores and breakage.

Post time: Jun-20-2022