How to choose a spring balancer?

1. When selecting the spring balancer,in addition to the weight of the suspended tool, the weight of other ancillary equipment should also be considered. If the welding tongs are suspended in the welding workshop, in addition to the weight of the welding tongs, the comprehensive force of the cables, water pipes and gas pipes on the balancer should also be considered.

2. Hang the balancer hook on the fixed point or movable point above the work post, and fasten the safety rope or safety chain to ensure absolute safety in use. The safety rope is attached to the balancer safety hole at the factory.

3. The balancer should be used within the specified balance weight range, otherwise it will affect the normal use. If the weight of the suspended tool is less than the lower limit of the balancer specification, it will be found that the balance of the balancer will deteriorate, and even the safety pin in the spring box will pop out and become stuck, indicating that the balancer specification is too large. Solved with the next spec balancer

4. Before removing the tool from the balancer, rotate the worm counterclockwise to release the spring force, then pull out the stopper pin, rotate it 30° clockwise, put it into the groove, lock the tower wheel, and fix the lower end with a rope to the welder. On the clamp hook or other reliable objects, then remove the tool, in case the hook is quickly retracted to injure people or damage the tool after a sudden unloading. After attaching the tool, pull down on the balancer to reset the stop pin, then adjust the balance force according to the load.

5. The balancer shall not pull out all the steel wire ropes during use, otherwise, the steel wire ropes at the root of the drum will be prematurely fatigued and broken. Broken wire rope. If the tool is not in the ideal and suitable working position in this state, you can add a length of rope to the hook under the balancer for adjustment.

6. The ideal use state of the balancer is that the wire rope moves in the middle section of the tower wheel, which can effectively avoid the mutual wear of the wire rope and the tower wheel, and prolong the service life of the balancer. If the wire rope is always used at the starting end of the drum or the end of the drum, the mutual wear between the wire rope and the drum is the most serious. Avoiding the use of these ends can significantly prolong the life of the balancer.

Post time: Aug-05-2022