Attention to detail makes the use of using cargo trolley safer!

The use of cargo trolleys is inseparable from the ground. If PU rubber wheels are used, the general ground can be used, but pay attention to cleaning the ground before use.

If it is a steel wheel, the ground requirements are relatively high, and some require In order to reduce friction damage, the protected ground needs to be covered with steel plates, otherwise the steel wheels will seriously damage the ground.

In addition, in terms of load-bearing, due to uneven road surfaces or corners, there will be uneven load-bearing of the wheels. It is recommended that half of the rated load should be used at the end when moving , which can improve the service life of the moving tools. Drive slowly during the moving process. Since the equipment that generally uses the heavy object mover is relatively large, you should pay attention to walking slowly during the moving and driving process.

Finally, if there is a road section that needs to be turned during the moving process, pay attention to the relationship between the weight of the small trolley and its rated load, pay attention to the contact between the road surface and the small trolley, and drive slowly.

Post time: Sep-21-2022